Rotaract is a global movement that brings together young adults aged 18 and older as members of Rotary International. Rotaract clubs serve as platforms for young leaders to exchange ideas, develop professional skills, and engage in meaningful service projects. These clubs operate independently, making decisions about their structure, activities, and projects.

Rotaract members are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities.

  • Service Projects: Rotaractors collaborate with local organizations, schools, and healthcare providers to address pressing issues. Whether it’s providing medical screenings, promoting hygiene, or supporting environmental initiatives, Rotaract clubs actively contribute to community development.
  • Leadership Development: Rotaract fosters leadership skills through hands-on experiences. Members organize events, manage funds, and lead projects. They learn teamwork, communication, and project management – essential skills for personal and professional growth.
  • Global Connections: Rotaract transcends borders. Clubs worldwide collaborate on joint projects, share best practices, and build lasting friendships. From Uganda to the United States, Rotaract impacts lives across diverse communities.
  • Club Autonomy: Each Rotaract club operates independently, deciding its structure, meeting frequency, and project focus. This autonomy empowers members to shape their Rotaract experience.
  • Rotary Sponsorship: Rotary Clubs sponsor Rotaract clubs, providing guidance and support. This partnership ensures that Rotaract remains an integral part of the larger Rotary family.
  • Rotaract as Rotary Membership: Rotaract is now a type of Rotary membership, emphasizing its significance within the Rotary family.
  • No Age Limit: Young adults aged 18 and over can join Rotaract without an upper age restriction.